the story behind ted and tone

a little red suitcase

this year marks my 20th anniversary of being a self employed designer and illustrator with my own brand. In 2003 I made 4 dolls which i sold to a local store in maastricht. I started making more dolls, all handmade and delivered by me to shops around the country, packed in a little red suitcase and we travelled by train. After a while I started working with a social workplace nearby and they made the dolls¬† which was now a collection of also musicboxes, pramcords, dummyholders and much more. It was a lovely time with lovely people. after three years i was contacted by a german couple who saw my work at a trade show and co-owned a family run textile workplace in thailand. by moving my collection to thailand i had a 1000 more options in creating and again i was so lucky to be working with the nicest people. this brand was called ‘esthex’, a name i came up with pretty quickly on a monday morning when it was time to order labels for my products. because i didn’t give it much thought i soon started to not like the name and after 14 years it felt time to say goodbye. but in this process i realised there were many things i liked to change. less logistics, more time to draw and create with no boundaries. with paper always being my biggest love, ted and tone was born.

A peek into my studio

where are my scissors

so now i draw, cut, glue and sometimes paint and i love it more then anything. my husband, who is a self employed constructor, build me a lovely studio  with a view on a meadow with grazing sheep. it is attached to our home which works perfectly while raising three teenage girls. when i don’t draw or am looking for my scissors (they are always lost)  i take pictures, make a cup of tea and wrap your orders. this last bit still makes me feel so gratefull, every order which comes in puts a smile on my face.

sometimes a nice collaboration comes along. i have designed wrappingpaper for ompak, make birth announcements if someone asks for it and very soon i can reveile a lovely collaboration which includes textile products. This makes it a full circle as I graduated in art textiles at the academy of fine arts in maastricht, in the year 2000.

if you would like to keep up with my latest work and some behind the scenes moments your more then welcome to follow me on my instagram feed. and thank you for reading : )